About Us

M&ESURE’s key strength is providing clients with the capacity and confidence to reflect on their programme/s so that they can improve and capitalise on the work that they perform.

M&ESURE believes in cultivating long-term relationships with clients and our aim is to service their varying organisational and M&E needs by providing relevant skills, support and motivation.

M&ESURE follows a developmental approach and focuses on equipping staff working in not-for-profit organisations with the necessary skills and knowledge to not only implement their programmes more efficiently, but to also generate evidence on the work they do so that they can use this evidence to raise more funds. We believe this is an innovative way of working in the M&E space, as many evaluators are seen as external to organisations and only parachute in from time to time to conduct an external evaluation. M&ESURE’s innovative approach recognises the importance of supporting organisations along the M&E journey and tailoring our services to the specific needs of each organisation we work with whether we are conducting evaluations or conducting training.

The team strives to contribute to the development of South Africa through the application of skills and knowledge to different social development areas. M&ESURE follows a theory-based approach to evaluation with the aim of improving social development programmes by using evidence-based methods.

M&ESURE at a Glance