Monitoring and Evaluation

Evaluations equip organisations with the necessary knowledge to improve their programmes. Evaluations rely on robust monitoring and evaluation data. M&ESURE follows a theory-driven approach to evaluations which makes use of the logic model. The logic model is a theoretical tool showing how activities translate into intended changes and also shows how these activities and intended changes are measured. The logic model therefore guides the reflective processes within the organisation and is usually developed into an M&E framework. M&ESURE believes in providing both formative and summative evaluations so that lessons learned can be re-engineered into next iterations of programmes. These typically include:

  • Programme design (includes needs assessments, feasibility studies and situational analyses)
  • Formative and summative evaluations (clarificatory, process and outcome evaluations and impact assessments)

Strategic Planning

Organisations require strategic planning in order to articulate where they are going, what they need to do to get there and also how they will know if they have arrived at their destination. M&ESURE Research and Evaluation creates a facilitated space where organisations, such as NGOs, have the opportunity to review their organisation’s strategic priorities. This process entails:

  • Developing/ revising vision, mission and objectives
  • Ensuring alignment between objectives and activities
  • Ensuring employees and other stakeholders are aware of the objectives and can work toward achieving them
  • Developing a measurement framework
  • Developing data management and reporting plans
  • Mapping funders’ reporting requirements

Training and Capacity Building

Due to an increased emphasis on collecting, documenting and reporting outcomes-based evidence, programme staff are increasingly required to have the necessary skills that can deliver good quality, meaningful information. In order to meet this need, M&ESURE Research and Evaluation offers the following opportunities:

  • Face-to-face training in a number of different aspects related to programme planning and evaluation research. This entails working with organisations on their own data and ‘meeting them where they are at’.
  • Online training [link to Launch]

Social Science Research

M&ESURE Research and Evaluation advises on best-fit social science research designs in response to the research needs of clients. Both quantitative and qualitative designs can be used and could include the following methods:

  • Quantitative research methods:
    • Surveys and structured questionnaires
  • Qualitative research methods:
    • case studies,
    • document analysis,
    • interviews and focus groups, and observations